March 3rd, 2020

SPECIAL EPISODE! We have two negotiating masters, Dan Oblinger and Kwame Christian!
Dan, the Leader-craftier of Master Lisener, is a veteran hostage negotiator, an author, a business consultant and an international key note speaker. His book "28 Laws of Listening" is one of the best books out there to help you improve your listening and communication skills, along with "Life or Death Listening".  His new two day course Intensive Listening and Interdisciplinary Negotiatins Course (I-LINC) is happening soon on Wichita, KS April 27th and 28th. I-LINC is an intensive, forging experience that mimics the basic training for police hostage negotiators. Click here to register now!
Kwame is the Director of American Negotiation Institute, a keynote speaker, author, and a law professor. Make sure to check out Kwame's TEDx Talk "Finding Confidence in Conflict", the most successful TED Talk for 2017 on conflict, as well as his book "Nobody Will Play With Me." Kwame also runs the best negotiating podcast in the world with over 1 million downloads internationally, Negotiate Anything Podcast. After traveling the country and conducting workshops everywhere American Negotiation Institute recently launched its online courses. The course dives into the fundamental roots of what negotiation is about and how to become a professional,no matter what you background is. Click here to register now! 
This episode will teach you:
- Controlling emotions during a negotiation.
- Recognizing red flags during a negotiation.
- Effective ice breakers.
- When to say no...
- When to walk away from a deal, or can you even walk away from one...
- Key factors to turn from a newbie to a professional negotiator.
- Overcoming anxiety during high intense moments.
Also make sure to listen to the role play sessions. Kwame and Dan also get a change to role play with some interesting situations... The role plays are strategically planned to have these two awesome negotiations be on their zone: hostage negotiating moment and business mediation.
P.S: Allan Tsang...min 30:28 .... stay tuned for the next episode.... :)  
Connect with the speakers and make sure to stay tuned for a workshop coming soon to Jacksonville....



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