May 26th, 2020

Michael Alan Tate works with successful executives, entrepreneurs, and technical professionals who are seeking a simple action-focused plan to effectively manage a career transition, keep your team on the same page and prepare for leadership succession.

With over 20 years experience as a career consultant and strategist, Mike knows that busy people want to navigate the murky waters of transition as quickly and effectively as possible. Drawing on his own experience, Mike has developed a unique consulting method in which he helps each of his clients create a powerful one-page plan incorporating prioritized actions and accountability’s ---all in just 24 hours.

Today he published his 3rd book, Roll Up Your Sleeves - Leading and Leaving in a World of Constant Change. The book is a great guidance on the continuous changing world we currently live in and a great fit to the most recent COVID-19 situation. I would love to head your thought on the book as well. I had the pleasure of having Michael previously on the show too - #0057 Rebuilding Your Career During Corona Virus & #0037 Don't Ask for a Job, Ask for Advice (Check out his previous episodes).

Listen to the interview to learn more about the Roll Up Your Sleeves book, Michael Alan Tate and contact him to schedule a free 15 mins consultation. Enjoy :) 

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Roll Up Your Sleeves Book - www.rollupsleeves.com
Book available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and your local bookstore.




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May 18th, 2020

Once a rebel, walking into a job interview with flip flops and a "trendy" shirt, little did she know she was walking into the job interview that would change her life path. After getting the job, working on Survivor show production for years she then decided to explore and know herself differently.

Stefanie is the perfect example of someone taking a leap of faith, starting fresh, growing herself more professionally and personally, and living with a voice with a purpose, and launching the Stefanie 2.0 version.

Her podcasting journey started as a gift to herself as she wanted to create something that she could have and celebrated it years later too. The first podcast episode launched on a Monday, and she thought that was it, she did an episode and podcasting was done. Little did she know her podcast would explode internationally and people wanted more of Stefanie. Listen to her podcast Equipaje de Una Mujer on any major podcast platform where she talks about major deep issues that we all deal with every day. She touches topics not a lot of people want to talk about and opens up her heart to her thousands of listeners every week. But, that is why people wanted more of her, she keeps it real, unfiltered and you feel as you are talking to your best friend when you listen to her podcast.

Stefanie Nieto has also worked in the Audiovisual Industry for more than 10 years. Over the years she has partnered up with major global companies like American Express, Orab B, Johnson & Johnson, Conair, Swaroski, Panasonic, L'oreal, and more.

Find more information about Stephanie Nieto at https://stefnieto.com or Instagram @equipajedeunamujer.

Listen to Stefanie's podcast on Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/5YYOnc2ctgGKQgQIcvGx98?si=Ne4wFhjcRteCKobqXe0WKw 

Equipaje De Una Mujer Website - https://equipajedeunamujer.com/


May 12th, 2020


Gary Noesner was on the FBI world for over three decades, 23 of them serving as a hostage negotiator. He aided in prison riots, airplane hijackings, and over 120 overseas kidnappings of Americans.

Following his retirement from the FBI, he became a Senior Vice President with Control Risks, an international risk consultancy, assisting clients in managing overseas kidnap incidents. He continues to consult independently and speaks at law enforcement conferences and corporate gatherings around the world.

Gary’s book “Stalling for Time: My Life as an FBI Hostage Negotiator” serves as half base of the Top 10 Netflix series “Waco”, the 51-day standoff with the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.

During this conversation, we talk about skills that hostage negotiators use during high intense moments to control their emotions, stay focus, strive on resolving the situation with the possible best outcome, listening skills, and more. 

Enjoy the episode and let us know if you have any further questions for Gary Noesner. 

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